Risk Taking

In order to achieve anything significant, we have to take risks. We must leave areas that are comfortable and launch into the deep. Taking risks can be very costly. The fiscal, emotional, and social costs of risks often cause us to avoid them. But the potential pay off of risk-taking can be worth the cost. Here are five things I’m continuing to learn about risk-taking.

1. No one can take risks for me.

Sometimes when my friends and I wanted to do something risky as children, the person who came up with the idea would say, “You go first.” The person wanted someone to take the risk first to see if it was safe. If it is my idea, it is my risk to take. I can’t depend on others to jump in the ocean for me. The responsibility of the vision lies in the hands of the visionary. I must remember, no one can take risks for me. My risks are mine to take.

2. The failure of others isn’t a barometer of my success.

When we share our dreams with others, people will be quick to compare us to others who experienced failure or success in a similar venture. How much of it really matters? Just because someone failed doing something I desire to do, doesn’t mean I will fail. Likewise, just because someone is successful doesn’t mean I will be successful. At the end of the day, I have to take the risk regardless of another person’s experience. Yes, I can learn from their experience, but I can’t make a decision solely based on it.

3. I’ve learned to make peace with failure.

Taking risks mean that I may fail. I can’t be afraid to try something new out of fear of failure. At least I will be able to say that I gave it a try. Sometimes, it’s better to try and fail than spend the rest of your life wondering if something will work. Failure is often the launching pad to greatness. Failure sends us back to the drawing board. Very rarely is some thing great discovered on the first effort.

4. I can’t take credit for a risk someone else made.

Very often, when someone has to courage to do what we are afraid to try, we attempt to take some of the glory. We say things such as, “To be honest, I thought of that first!” Here is a popular one! “I could have done it, but didn’t sense God was leading me.” If God wasn’t leading us to do it, why are we even bringing it up? Let’s be honest. We hope to appear significant even though we didn’t have the courage to try. I can’t take the credit for a risk I wasn’t willing to take.

5. I must take risks with grace.

Everyone one will not co-sign on our risky ventures. It’s so easy to label non-cosigners  as “haters” or “unsupportive.” Sometimes, people genuinely care about us and don’t want to see us experience harm. Other times, people don’t understand or agree. I must be understanding when others don’t understand me. In the same way it took me time to accept the vision and venture of others, it will take time for others to accept mine. Some people need to see a vision come to fruition before believing in it. In the meantime, I may be the only one that sees my vision. That’s OK. God gave the vision to me, not them. I must show grace to others in the same way God shows grace to me.

Question: What are some things you have learned or continue to find challenging as it pertains to taking risks? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

This summer, I had the opportunity to speak once again at the Hope Festival in Tortola, BVI sponsored by Cane Garden Bay Baptist Church. As my wife and I were enjoying a day at the beach, I spontaneously decided to record four videos. They feature three personal growth nuggets to help us grow during the final weeks of summer. This is the first of four videos. Be on the look out for Part 2 next week! Enjoy!

What’s Your Price?

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Price Tag

Many of us have a price. There are some things we will never sell…until we are offered a certain price. We sell out our values, standards, and vision for what seems like a greater gain. We prioritize our families, until a great opportunity arises. We remain honest, until we feel we may loose something or someone. We stand for God, until we are around people from whom we seek affirmation and validation. Here are three things for us keep in mind when you are tempted to sell something we shouldn’t.

 1. It’s Always More Costly Than We Think

Compromising comes with hidden fees. The bargain is rarely as great as it appears . A transaction we thought would result in tremendous gain, ends up costing us more time, energy, our family, the trust of others, and even our dignity. We may have thought we were simply compromising one value, only to realize there were others we had to compromise in the process.

2. We Are Most Vulnerable When We Are Most Desperate

There will be things that we will want more than anything else. When we are single, it’s a spouse. When we are married, it’s a house. When we have a house, it’s furnishings. When we have a good job, it’s a better job. When we want something more than everything else, we are most likely to risk everything else to get it.

3. We’re Not for Sale

1 Corinthians 6:20 says, “ For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.” Jesus already paid a price for us with His blood. We already belong to Him. We can’t take what truly belongs to Him and sell it to anyone or anything else.

Question: Why do you think it’s easy for us to sell or compromise things that are most important? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Lost In Distraction

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When it comes to romantic relationships, many people struggle differentiating between an opportunity and a distraction. When someone peaks their interest or another person shows interest, it can appear as an opportunity for a successful relationship.  Yet, that same person can derail and distract us from what God is calling us to do and be.  Very often, both healthy and unhealthy relationships begin with the same initial attraction. There is no formula to differentiating the two initially. The key is discernment.  There’s a thin line between success and failure, construction and destruction, forward and backward, finding love and finding chaos. The closer we stay to God, the more discerning we will be. The more we saturate ourselves with the Scriptures, the sharper our discernment. The more you get to know Him and the greater you know yourself, the more you’ll be able to know when you are becoming distracted.

Lost in Love Release Day Promo

The moment is finally here! Today marks the official release date of my first book Lost in Love.  Lost in Love is designed to help people navigate their way through the relationship journey.  Very often, we find ourselves in places unsure of exactly where we are.  Lost in Love will help you to know where you are so you know what to do to get where God wants you to be.  In celebration of the release date, I’m offering 30 autograph copies of the book for a limited time only on the Lost in Love website.

I often tell a story that I call, “The Tale of Two Couples.”  I often wish it was truly a tale and not a real life occurrence.  I knew two couples that got married on the same day.  I remember receiving an invitation to both weddings and having to choose which one to attend.  One couple went on to have a successful marriage.  Even to this day, their marriage continues to thrive.  The other couple began facing difficulty shortly after the wedding.  Within a year, the marriage was dissolved.  There are things that make or break a marriage before they start.  They are often things we tend to ignore; sometimes on purpose.  There’s a reason why many fail to go through premarital counseling.  There’s a reason why couples spend countless hours preparing for a wedding and almost zero time preparing for the actual marriage.  There’s a reason why we still believe that romance can conquer all things.  There’s a reason why some of our daily habits are the seeds that reap a harvest of destruction in our future marriage.  And it all begins when we are single.  If that couple had a relational map, they would have known that they were in the LAND OF LOVE.  Yet, The Land of Love is not what many think it is.  If so, we would approach our relationships much differently.

This is a series of blogs from “Lost in Love,” which helps people navigate the the five relationship terrains:Lost in Love Mock Book

  • The Mountain of Acceptance
  • The Plateau of Comfort
  • The Valley of One
  • The Wilderness of Spectating
  • The Land of Love

Official release date: Tomorrow – Tuesday, August 6th

There was a couple who some would consider the ideal couple.  They were both very attractive, intelligent, and looked great together.  They were two of the nicest people you could ever meet.  Like other dating couples, they spent time together and enjoyed every moment as their relationship continued to develop.  Then one day, the guy popped the big question and asked her hand in marriage.  The engagement was followed by several years of marriage.  Yet, a marriage that appeared great on the outside began falling apart on the inside. Within a few years, the couple divorced and went their separate ways.  I believe one of the key elements that led to their separation began way before their marriage.  It was a major component they failed to grasp and implement when they were dating and courting.  They became complacent and failed to pursue growth in vital areas.  If they had a relationship map when they were dating, they would have realized they were on THE PLATEAU OF COMFORT.

Lost in Love Mock BookThis is a series of blogs from “Lost in Love” which helps people navigate the five relationship terrains. 

  • The Mountain of Acceptance
  • The Plateau of Comfort
  • The Valley of One
  • The Wilderness of Spectating
  • The Land of Love

Official release date: Tuesday, August 6th

Moving On

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One of the hot button topics during my single years was the dating and relationships.  I can’t recall a conversation with a group of my friends that didn’t somehow morph into a relationship seminar.  One day, a friend told me about a young lady with whom he had a serious relationship.  It was his most serious relationship up to that point.  Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, the relationship ended.  Though he claimed to have moved on, the tone in his voice and subtle look in his eyes made you wonder if he truly brought closure in his heart.  After a few casual dates, he began another relationship.  This relationship, however, was very unhealthy.  I would dear to say that it was a toxic relationship.  It raised concerns from those who knew him.  I believe my friend became lost on his relationship journey.  If he had a relationship map, he could have made healthier choices once realizing he was on THE MOUNTAIN OF ACCEPTANCE.

Lost in Love Mock BookThis is a series of blogs from “Lost in Love,” which helps people navigate the the five relationship terrains:

  • The Mountain of Acceptance
  • The Plateau of Comfort
  • The Valley of One
  • The Wilderness of Spectating
  • The Land of Love

Official release date: Tuesday, August 6th

Lost in Love Books

I can’t believe they’re finally here! Copies of my first book, Lost in Love!  My prayer is that God will place them in the right hands of the right people at the right time. Moments happens when a resource intersects with a need.  Needs remain unmet when there are no resources.  Likewise, resources remain unused when there’s no need for them.  I hope that Lost in Love will meet the needs of many and transform the way we approach and handle romantic relationships.  I’ll be giving away a few copies at Expression Live tomorrow.

Opened Doors

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The Open Door

Just in case you were wondering, God still opens doors.  According to Revelation 3:8, He places before us opens doors that no one can shut.  We often struggle with where we are in comparison to where we want to be or feel God is calling us to be.  If we remain faithful, God will open a door in due time.  Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen God open doors for Expression Live, The Bridge’s free festival and benefit concert for the homeless in Downtown Silver Spring. Last week, I did an interview on local radio station, WPFW.  Tomorrow morning, another interview I did will air on WHUR 96.3FM, one of the highest rated radio stations in the DC area.  In case your listening, the interview will air in three segments: 6:43am, 7:12am, and 8:12am.  It will featured on the “Taking It to The Street” with Tony Richards which airs during The Steve Harvey Morning Show.  Also, that same day, a story about the Expression Live will be featured in the Silver Spring Gazette. We’re not sure what will be the outcome of all this.  Everything is in God’s hands.  We’re just thankful for the opportunity to walk through open doors.