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Jumaine Jones | Dealing With Clutter
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Dealing With Clutter

Dealing With Clutter

Dealing with Clutter

One of my greatest struggles is dealing with clutter. Our lives are bombarded with many things: paper work, e-mails, junk mail, bills, etc. Eventually, some of these things begin to pile up. Any flat surface, such as a table, desk, or floor, become a refuge for more stuff. Even our time can become cluttered with fruitless activity. We may even experience spiritual clutter as various things “pile up” in our lives causing us to loose focus spiritually. Here are three benefits of having less clutter.

1. Reduces Stress

I feel less stressed when my surroundings are organized. Looking at clear space gives me a clear mind and helps me to stay focused. Clutter does the opposite. It creates an environment of distraction. Moving things from one pile to another does not count as organization. It’s just a transfer of clutter. The more organized we are, the less stress we feel.

 2. Saves time

When I allow clutter to fester, things tend to get lost. The average person in the United States wastes 55 minutes a day searching for things that they can’t find, as well as one year of their lives looking for lost or misplaced items. When I’m organized, I know where things are. When things aren’t organized, I can spend over an hour looking for an item that was simply covered up by something else.

3. Frees Space

Every item you possess is connected with a story. There’s the teddy bear that your co-worker gave you three months before she resigned. There are the sunglasses from your friend’s bachelor party. There’s the birthday card that was signed by all your family members. We hold on to things that have sentimental value. Over time, those sentimental things can pile up creating clutter. The reality is we never use 80% of what we keep. We file papers that we never refer to and hang clothes we never wear again. The sunglasses I mentioned? We won’t dear be caught wearing them in public. So why are we keeping them? Letting go creates space for things we actually use.

Question: What are some methods you are currently using or exploring to address clutter in your life? You can leave a comment by clicking here.