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Jumaine Jones | Love Without Conditions
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Love Without Conditions

Love Without Conditions


If we were asked do we love others unconditionally, more than likely we would say, “Yes!” Our actions, however, may beg to differ. Unconditional love is love without conditions. Conditional love is based on conditions. Honestly, this where we are often hang our hats. We tend to show love to others based on conditions and the way we are treated. Yet, relationships last when individuals choose to love each other unconditionally. Here are three questions to ponder as it relates to unconditional love:

 1. Am I Record Keeper or A Record Shredder?

1 Corinthians 13:5 says, “Love keeps no records of wrong.” Conditional love keeps score. It holds grudges. It only gives when others give to it. It does favors with strings attached. When it shows love to others, it looks for that love to be reciprocated. When others don’t meet its expectations or criteria, it moves on to the next person. Unconditional love realizes that people will make mistakes. It chooses to shred the record of a shortcoming rather than file it.

2. Do I Forgive People or Make Them Earn It?

People will hurt us. Some will ask us to forgive them. We can choose to grant forgiveness or make them earn it. Earning forgiveness is different from earning trust. When we forgive, it can take time to rebuild trust. Forgiveness is a gift. Trust is earned. Earning forgiveness, however, requires a person to uphold a certain standard before forgiveness is granted. The problem is people are imperfect and fall short. Romans 3:23 says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. If we all fall short of God’s standard, others will definitely fall short of ours! To make someone earn forgiveness is holding them to a debt they can’t pay. Again, forgiveness is a gift. The receiver of a gift is always undeserving. If they deserve it, it is no longer a gift. It is a wage. People will never deserve our forgiveness. Unconditional love forgives.

3. Are People Innocent Until Proven Guilty or Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

We tend to put up emotional walls when others have hurt us. It is a defense mechanism to guard ourselves from more heartache and pain. We view people as untrustworthy until proven otherwise. We hold innocent people liable for the hurt others have caused us. Even the most innocent person will do things that remind us of the people that hurt us. Unconditional love means letting down our guard and learning to trust others again.

Question: What are some ways we can show unconditional love? You can leave a comment by clicking here.